It was really hot summer in the end of July 1999, specially after losing very much likes “Waterloo” in the World Championship in Las Vegas against “little known” IM from Latvia! Everything was just not on the right place! That was the situation I felt….. One morning I received a call from friend in Bali, Mr. Jeffrie Geovanie.

He asked me whether I’m willing to teach young children brother-sister! Without much ado, I said yes! Then I proceed to the place Jeffrie mentioned, in front of me sitting Boy ( he is 9 years old) and girl (she is 7 years old)! Well from the face, I knew that they are still ‘fresh’ and eager to see something new!! Yes, today they are young man and young lady namely Renaldo and Gaby.

After 3 & 4 visits, I realized that I’m teaching son & daughter the owner of JAPFA, one of the largest feed production. One day, Mr, Handojo Santosa, attending the class and generously offered if there something that he can help for development of chess in Indonesia.

Indonesia as one of the powerhouse in Asian chess, never organized a tournament as caliber Grand Slam on tennis term! This idea came to my mind and with the support of JAPFA, it was happen in April 2000 in beautiful Island of Bali!! For the first time in Indonesia and Asia as well, the focused of chess people were to Bali, with 10 players fighting for the title! It was really great tournament with great players someone like Karpov, Khalifman, Polgar, Timman, Adianto were playing for top honour!

Eversince that time chess and JAPFA like fish and water! It was finally on October 2000, JAPFA Chess Club officially founded! With most of the members employees from security, hatchery and peoples working in the poultry!
JAPFA Chess Club was fundamental to Indonesian Chess Federation (PERCASI), as almost all best players are reunited in this club.

In the beginning of November 2000, GM Adianto (well, myself) won the gold medal for first board, in Istanbul Olympiad. This beautiful medal, I dedicated to Mr. Handojo Santosa was really a milestone! Not only for the player, but also for the whole Nation. It was really awakening moment that Indonesian can do well in such prestigious event!

JAPFA Chess Club tried to teach the employees all over the places we had, such as : Medan, Lampung, Gisting, Purwakarta, Cirebon, Bandung, Sragen, Sidoarjo, Banyuwangi, Bali Bedugul, Banjarmasin, Bati-Bati, Takisung, Makassar. Most of them are happy with the simultaneous games, teaching and other related activities with chess. They improves the quality of playing, and one of the Security Guard in Purwakarte namely : Pepen Wahyudin boosting with National Master Title in the National Championship in Palembang 2002. With this teaching programmes intensively we achieve:

Employee became more tenacious and patient facing the daily problems. Like facing problem they are playing in chess.

More precise and tries the best possible things! In every moment, like playing a chess move! And the last , employees got the feeling that management are always thinking about their needs. Try to give every possible to them and this activities strengthen our friendship not only in the working area!

On the chess scene it self, the JAPFA Chess Club swept almost all important events.

  • 2000 – Champion of the National League in Surabaya
  • 4 times Champion in Jakarta League during 2001-2007
  • 3 times Champion in TASPEN Invitational

Beside the club, the personal achievement even more fantastic :

  • GM Adianto, added 3 important title (2003, 2005, 2007)
  • Megaranto became newest Grandmaster (2004)
  • GM Handoko won in several National Tournament
  • IM Sitanggang won in several National Tournament
  • Tirta Chandra emerged as newest International Master (2008)

One more should not forget is JAPFA Chess Festival!! Since it appeared first time in 2003, the Festival become a trendsetter in how the chess tournament should organized! Always full of the players, many activities and friendly to journalist and spectators. In 2005 edition we introduced a match for Megaranto. Then in 2007 another match for rising woman star Irene Kharisma.

And on the 2008 edition, with cooperation with PERCASI we added Woman Grandmaster Tournament. In this very special occasion, surprisingly Irene succeed to gain her very first norm! The title is just a step ahead! The “ambiance” on the Festival always inspiring for the chess people! That’s why even on flooding time, the Festival 2007 still attract almost 800 players!

So many things already done in the past years. Challenges still lay ahead, the goals still to be achieves…In JAPFA Chess Club, we always look forward! No way for retreat!... We are not only dealing with the goals, we try to teach our friends, environment, with the culture, optimistic, the will, the power and energy to fulfill the duty given to us!

Let’s our life flowing like a water! We just try to do best and always dedicated for excellence!!