Animal Health R&D

Animal health is a key area of research for Japfa.

While we have some of the most bio-secure farms by international standards; it is not always feasible to eliminate viruses and bacteria that are air-borne. Vaksindo is our biotech subsidiary where we conduct research to develop effective livestock vaccines against potential disease threats.

Vaksindo is Indonesia’s leading animal health company that pioneered domestic research of endemic respiratory diseases in poultry. To monitor the evolution of harmful pathogens in the environment; a team of dedicated field technicians routinely collect farm samples from around the country for characterisation of viruses and bacteria at Vaksindo’s BSL3 laboratories.



Our  researchers also collaborate with overseas institutions for predictive modelling and DNA mapping. The results from the research are subsequently applied to Vaksindo’s product development of over 40 live and killed animal vaccines. Poultry farm operators in particular can benefit from our tailor-made vaccines that can be applied at our hatcheries or at their farms.

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