Customer & Technical Services

We add enormous value to our products by offering a suite of customer and technical services. Each of our five aqua feed mills has a dedicated technical team to provide specific on-site support for fish farmers. For local shrimp growers, they can access our team of technical experts who have graduated from our advanced training centre in East Java.

We routinely assist our local customer farmers with the following: 

  • Water quality testing & water dissolve analysis
  • Culture condition analysis
  • Harvest data analysis
  • Water quality improvement & pond cleaning
  • Farming system improvement
  • Feeding program, feeding technic & feed storage training
  • Farm management SOPs
  • On-site technical support contract for shrimp culture (“Tenaga Kerja Teknis”)

We also welcome customer queries regarding our tilapia as well as other value added seafood and eel products.

Ask our team of experts and find out how we can help
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