Portraits of Careers

The Company continues to uphold equality and fair treatment by giving fair opportunities to all employees in developing their career ladder without prejudice to gender, background, religions, or beliefs.

Each individual’s performance is evaluated by using a set of measurement tools that guarantees a transparent practice. The evaluation is conducted on merit-and performance-based to the employees. Fair treatment and equality to all employees are also assured to take place to boost motivation, create conducive situation and good mentality to enhance our strength as one of the prominent agribusiness industries in Indonesia.

Dhesianti Tri Handayani Staff Produksi

Dhesianti Tri Handayani

“I perform best working in team setting,” is one of the reasons why drh. Dhesianti Tri Handayani joined Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara, Indonesia’s first and JAPFA’s arm commissioned to the Research, Development, and Production of animal vaccine specific to cater Indonesia’s unique environment and climate.  “In addition, JAPFA’s dynamic learning culture enables me to continue to gain unparalleled amount of knowledge and experiences from everyone around me. I truly value JAPFA’s emphasis on strong and positive work and learning culture that appreciates teamwork, proactivity, and creativity to get the best out of its people.”

A Graduate of Bogor Agricultural University - Faculty of Animal Health, drh. Dhesi learned about the opportunity at Japfa from her academic mentor.  drh. Dhesi who was then still an Assistant Professor in the field of Microbiology decided to go for the opportunity based on the strong recommendation from her academic mentor, Prof. Retno Damayanti S.  She joined JAPFA in 2011 as a Production Staff.

Born on December 11, 1985, this young mother of one who likes to travel and culinary tour feels very lucky and appreciates the opportunity presented to her at JAPFA.  In addition, “JAPFA is everywhere.  It’s closed to home” she smiled.  “JAPFA is one of the biggest and most reputable Companies in Indonesia. As a diversified conglomerate Company, Japfa consists of many integrated business units that compliment and support one another.  The Company also has competitive health benefits for its employees and their family”, she ended the conversation.

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