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The Company continues to uphold equality and fair treatment by giving fair opportunities to all employees in developing their career ladder without prejudice to gender, background, religions, or beliefs.

Each individual’s performance is evaluated by using a set of measurement tools that guarantees a transparent practice. The evaluation is conducted on merit-and performance-based to the employees. Fair treatment and equality to all employees are also assured to take place to boost motivation, create conducive situation and good mentality to enhance our strength as one of the prominent agribusiness industries in Indonesia.

Franciscus Adam Vice President of IT Strategy and Governance

Franciscus Adam

Franciscus Adam is IT Strategy and Governance Leader, responsible for the Group’s global IT initiatives, risks management, and governance.

“Japfa is one of the best Companies in South East Asia, tackling one of the region’s most complex issues. Our corridor is full of talented and high-performing individuals who are passionate in what they do and have strong bias towards actions. It certainly is a privilege to be associated with the team here,” Frans commented

Once on board, Frans immediately was challenged to think out-of-the-box to resolve some of the most unique IT challenges that only a Company like Japfa would face, “…and that’s reinvigorating, there is never a dull moment here at Japfa. We push ourselves constantly and the limit is endless.”

At Japfa, our Mission is to be the leading dependable provider of affordable protein foods in Emerging Asia. It’s that simple, it’s that complex. To deliver on that mission a strong IT strategy and talents mix need to be in place. “There has never been a better time to be in IT at Japfa. We are reinvigorating IT to be a function that is a catalyst for growth and one that elevates Japfa’s overall business strategy.”

Franciscus Adam is a graduate of Indiana University with B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems, Business Process Management, and Operation Decision Technology. He also holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut. Prior to joining Japfa in 2013, Franciscus was with General Electric in the United States for 14 years in increasing leadership roles in various GE Divisions

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