Portraits of Careers

The Company continues to uphold equality and fair treatment by giving fair opportunities to all employees in developing their career ladder without prejudice to gender, background, religions, or beliefs.

Each individual’s performance is evaluated by using a set of measurement tools that guarantees a transparent practice. The evaluation is conducted on merit-and performance-based to the employees. Fair treatment and equality to all employees are also assured to take place to boost motivation, create conducive situation and good mentality to enhance our strength as one of the prominent agribusiness industries in Indonesia.

Alhidayat Supervisor Farm di Poultry Breeding Division.


Born in Silungkang, Sawah Lunto, West Sumatra on September 16, 1991, Alhidayat began his career at Japfa Comfeed. in 2013 in our prestigious Management Trainee (MT) program.

After successfully completing the program, this 2009 Graduate of Bogor Agricultural University – Faculty of Animal Science was immediately trusted to be one of our Farm Supervisors at Japfa’s Poultry Breeding Division; a highly demanding role that requires a high degree of accountability, personal discipline, knowledge of animal science, and teamwork. In his capacity as a Farm Supervisor, not only Alhidayat leads a team of high-performing individuals, he also is responsible for the welfare and productivity of our tens of thousands of Poultry genetics that are under his closed day-to-day watch.

No sooner than required, his strong academic background in animal science, the experiences he gained as a MT graduate, and his burning passion for animal science are proven to be extremely valuable to position Alhidayat to consistently able to overcome challenges after challenges he encounters on his role. Passion is everything and in the case of Alhidayat, his passion for animal science that shines since the early stage of his academic life took him to represent Indonesia in the 1st Annual Meeting of SEAASS-Net and Internship Program at UiTM Perlis, Malaysia.

An avid swimmer and futsal player, when Alhidayat was asked why he chose JAPFA to launch his career in animal science, he quickly answered “JAPFA’s strong sense of comradery allows me to work comfortably and realizes my fullest potentials”

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