Volcanic Eruption Bali 2017

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On 22 September 2017, the government ordered the evacuation of all residents within 12 Km radius of the volcano. Entire communities; totaling over 140,000 people, were moved to temporary shelters. Japfa’s CSR team and local Bali business unit joined in the relief efforts and provided emergency food and sanitation supplies to the evacuees. Taking into consideration the lack of adequate food storage and preparation facilities at the shelters; Japfa donated eggs, ready to eat sausages, milk and chicken nuggets that were high in nutrition yet requiring zero to minimum preparation.

Some of the Mount Agung evacuees were from villages where livestock farming represents a significant portion of their income. Once evacuated, the affected farmers were completely cut off from this important source of revenue. Entire populations of poultry and cattle would perish in the event of an eruption or starve on abandoned farms. Out of desperation, some farmers risked their lives and returned against government warning to tend to their animals. However, as the roads to the no-go zone had been closed, these farmers were also cut off from the regular supply of commercial livestock feed. Thus, assisting livestock farmers became the next priority for Japfa’s disaster relief strategy. When the local government set up temporary livestock shelters, Japfa stepped up to ship in commercial cattle feed. For poultry flocks trapped inside the danger zone, Japfa’s Bali staff first identified available chicken coops in designated safe areas of the island and helped transport over 30,000 birds to safety. Testimonials of Japfa’s relief activities are available in the video attached.

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