Celebrating 10 years of JAPFA for Kids with “Kampung Warna Kolaborasi JAPFA” Event

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Japfa for Kids celebrates 10th Anniversary

JAPFA for Kids was founded in 2008. A decade on, it has developed into the largest corporate sponsored CSR program dedicated to the well-being of rural school children of Indonesia. To mark the 10th anniversary of JAPFA for Kids, we held a series of celebratory events and exhibition last September at the Main Atrium, AEON Mall BSD City, Jakarta.

At the same time, JAPFA also rebranding JAPFA for Kids program by changing the logo and the name of "JAPFA4kids" to "JAPFA for Kids". Adapting the corporate logo, JAPFA brings the company's vision and mission into the JAPFA for Kids program. Illustration children holding an Indonesian national flag is the description that children are the main focus in JAPFA for Kids program because they are the one who will be agents of change to bring Indonesia into a better nation.

To help people better understand the impact of JAPFA for Kids and experience our CSR activities first hand; the “Kampung Warna Kolaborasi JAPFA” celebration event involved 6 exhibition themes to underline our mission to promote hygiene and healthy living in rural communities through primary education. The event was open to the public daily between 10 am and 9 pm from September 7th to 11th. Visitors were encouraged to bring along their children for a fun and enriching experience; exploring the various interactive exhibits and participating in festive activities to celebrate our decade long contribution to rural education.

  • Event/exhibition theme 1: Sekolah Perubahan (School of Change): an exhibition area featuring JAPFA's mentoring program schools in 7 districts in 3 islands in Indonesia, namely Garut, Grobogan and Tuban in Java; Deli Serdang and South Solok in Sumatera; and Donggala and Makassar in Sulawesi.

  • Event/exhibition theme 2: Ladang Kreasi (Fields of Creations): an interactive workshop area to promote environmental protection and nutritional health. Children were encouraged to express their understanding of the environment, healthy nutrition and food safety by assembling wooden robots, stone painting, painting wooden dolls, preparing traditional herbal medicine, healthy food and much more.

  • Event/exhibition theme 3: Kemitraan JAPFA (JAPFA Partnership Corner): A virtual tour of Japfa Comfeed Indonesia’s Champion Farms. This exhibition corner uses Virtual Reality (VR) tools give all visitors a glimpse of how Japfa Comfeed Indonesia operated modern farms for cattle, chicken and shrimps. With the aid of headsets, visitors followed what they saw visually with audio explanations by professional farmers. The objective of this exhibition was to educate the public on the vital link between modern animal husbandry and food quality & safety.

  • Event/exhibition theme 4: Lukisan Kolaborasi (Painting Together): was an area with a public canvas where we invite all visitors, especially children to join in the coloring process spontaneously using paints, markers etc. This was a fun activity that captured the creative imagination of Indonesian children to celebrate 10 years of JAPFA for Kids and collaborative spirit of the various communities and program partners we worked with on a regular basis.

  • Event/exhibition theme 5: Saung Makanan Sehat (Healthy Food Stall): was an exhibition with informative material and display about healthy food. A sampling of traditional herbs was featured to highlight the role or functional properties of certain herbs in healthy food.

  • Event/Exhibition theme 6: Wahana Permainan Tradisional (Traditional Children Playgrounds): was a special play zone featuring traditional Indonesia games for children, such as “Engklek” and board game “snakes and ladders” enlarged to human size. The preservation of Indonesia’s cultural heritage has been one of JAPFA for Kids’ activities in finding alternative entertainment for children with the relentless onslaught of digital media.

In addition to the fun and informative content, we also organized a full program of celebration entertainment by guest stars, professional singers, the Traditional Dance Community, children storytelling and orchestras performing popular children music. The celebration event closed with great success and fanfare on September 11, 2018 that included the unveiling of the new JAPFA for Kids logo. The entire event was attended by almost 3000 visitors; a most memorial birthday bash for a worthwhile cause!

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