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CSR Heritage

CSR Heritage

Mr. Ferry Teguh Santosa seated 2nd right

Service to the community cannot be defined strictly in monetary terms alone. The late Ferry Teguh Santosa, founder of Japfa Comfeed Indonesia; was a remarkable entrepreneur who was also passionate about giving back to the community.

When Japfa Comfeed Indonesia began operations in the 1970s, the country was at an early stage of economic development. The province of East Java had one public university and only the privileged few had access to higher education. Against this back drop, a group of caring citizens established Petra University in Surabaya. The institution was to be entirely private-funded with the single purpose of making higher education affordable.

From 1973 till his passing in 2005; Mr. Santosa lead the Funding Board of Petra University. Throughout this period spanning over three decades; he created a lasting impact on the development of the university by enlisting the support from fellow board members, friends and business associates. Under his inspired leadership; the university successfully raised funds for the construction of the Auditorium, the W and the P Building as well as the library.

The exemplary community spirit of Ferry Santosa has been encoded into Company’s DNA. Today, many of our CSR initiatives including our flagship program, JAPFA4Kids; continue to be dedicated to education with a strong focus on rural communities.

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