Sustained, interrelated programs that educate and empower rural teachers and pupils

We apply a systematic approach to Educate, Empower, Enable and Evaluate the behavioural changes in nutritional health and school hygiene for lasting impact.  The minimum participation rate is 1200 pupils per school district for each set of programs. 

EDUCATE – Getting the message across effectively

  • Annually run, national educational programs to provide science based nutritional health and hygiene information using government sanctioned learning material 
  • Delivering expert nutritional health and hygiene education through activity based, child friendly formats with school visits by nutritionists, doctors, dentists and nurses
  • Conduct teacher training programs to provide school administrators and teaching staff the necessary skills to improve and maintain school hygiene/cleanliness on a daily basis  

EMPOWER -  Promote change using locally available resources 

  • Finding creative, low-cost solutions to implement and sustain nutritional health & school hygiene programs using local resources
  • Recruit local community members to join our program implementation taskforce that include local officials, doctors, nurses and local Japfa employee volunteers
  • Set up school management systems to implement and promote lasting behavioural change
  • Each school to appoint agents of change or Japfa for Kids ambassadors to drive program implementation and sustain post campaign activities 

ENABLE – Assist and facilitate starter school programs for higher adoption rate of change

  • Provide health and dental screening at schools to systematically assess the status for child nutrition, health and hygiene
  • Provide additional teaching materials based guidelines from the Ministry of Health 
  • Provide fun, child friendly self-learning tools on nutrition, health and hygiene
  • Provide starter nutrition kits per child per school for up to one year to stimulate the adoption of a balanced and nutritious diet for better mental and physical development
  • Provide on-going teacher training, mentoring and assistance to help schools improve and maintain sanitation and disease prevention infrastructure and procedures
  • Thematic inter-school competitions and awards to maintain sustain post campaign participation and adoption 

EVALUATE – Study, Compare, Innovate 

  • Annual, national JAPFA for Kids Award competition to identify examples of excellence and evaluate effectiveness of our programs we have implemented for each year
  • We test and introduce new program formats to improve the educational experience and create lasting community impact.  Since 2009 we have added health screening and school hygiene management programs to build a community eco-system that supports our core nutritional health campaign inside and outside the school environment 

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