5-Step School Management System


5-Step School Management System – school environment

5-Step School Management System

Sort, Organize, Clear, Sanitize, Keeping the school clean & tidy everyday

5 Step School Management System – School Environment

We introduced the 5 Step School Management program to train school administrators and teachers to improve and maintain school hygiene and cleanliness year round.  The system consists of a 5 step action plan to Sort, Organize, Clear & Sanitize, Routinize Hygiene & Cleanliness Practices and Sustain Behavioural Change.  We begin with training school principals and teaching staff to take charge of their teaching environment by improving school hygiene and cleanliness on a regular basis.  We follow up with special assistance programs to help schools implement the physical transformations such as creating hygiene zones for meal consumption, establish policies and routine procedures for sanitizing critical facilities such as toilets and waste disposal.  This initiative has not only created a self-sustaining eco-system for our other children programs; more remarkably, it has spurred community wide empowerment.

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