Technical Support

As part of our commitment to provide total solution, we provide technical services to support our customers productivity.

JAPFA Aquaculture Research & Development Station
JAPFA Aquaculture Research & Development Station, our research facility that focus on formulating sustainable feed products. The station focusses on different feed formulation and additive, digestibility, method and feed performance.

Technical Services
As part of our total solution services, we provide our customer with Shrimp and Fish Technical Team for technical assistance to ensure productivity of our customer's farm.

  • Our shrimp farm customers will get full access on the technical team that are stationed in customer farm to support their operations to optimize production result.
  • Our fish farm customers will be supported by technical assistance.

The technical services include:

  • Water quality  
  • Analysis of culture conditions and harvest data.
  • Water quality improvement and pond cleaning.
  • Improvement of cultivation system.
  • Improvement feeding systems, feeding techniques and training on feed storage.
  • Pond management Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

Animal Health & Mobile Diagnostic Lab
We provide full services to the customers through our Animal Health to focus on our customers production monitoring by routinely checking water quality, pH and production process.Along with it, STP provides mobile diagnostic laboratory to reach customers responsively by doing prevention & handling fish & shrimp disease cases.Animal Health & Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory department is one of the important aspects of our services to complement our total solution business.