Poultry Breeding

We are a leading domestic producer of broiler and layer DOCs as well as layer pullets with over 80 breeding and hatching facilities.

With the exclusive rights to sell and distribute the Indian River strains from Aviagen (United States) in Indonesia, we produces and markets Day Old Chick (DOC) with brand, namely the MB202 for broiler.

We also puts forward the aspect of animal welfare in developing its poultry breeding business. Quality is our priority and throughout the breeding cycle, we consistently apply the latest research-based technology in a World Class bio-secure environment.

The advantage of our DOC is not only having a high standard of living, but also having relatively excellent growth. For greater quality transparency and flock uniformity, we grade all commercial DOCs and pullets by quality or maturity.

Likewise, with pullets, we have made a selection based on the level of maturity that is accordance with the targets of our breeder partners.

We also provide customized vaccinations for specific needs and door-to-door delivery using our own sanitized fleet of vehicles. Our regional teams of technical service staff are always on hand to help customers achieve optimal poultry performance.

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