JAPFA, through PT Santosa Agrindo (Santori), produces Bifuteki Wagyu Steak made from high-quality Wagyu beef with a natural, juicy flavor and exceptional tenderness. We prioritize quality as the main focus in the production chain process. The beef is processed hygienically and adheres to strict halal standards, making it suitable for both domestic and international consumers. Bifuteki Wagyu Steak comes from cattle bred in Lampung, raised with special attention to ensure nutrition and the well-being of the animals in their breeding.

We are committed to providing Bifuteki Wagyu Steak as your primary choice for exploring the taste of high-quality beef. The ease of preparing Bifuteki Wagyu Steak without compromising its flavor is a key point in creating a special culinary experience. We ensure that every piece of Bifuteki Wagyu Steak you enjoy has a unique taste and texture, making it the best choice for a family meal.