Ichi No Ji

Ichi-No-Ji has been a pioneer with experience in eel cultivation and processing since 2012. Currently, there are two cultivation locations and one processing factory in East Java.

Under the company Iroha Sidat Indonesia, we provide high-quality processed eel that offers a delicious taste and high nutritional value. Our Unagi Kabayaki is grilled with a savory and sweet traditional Japanese sauce. All our products adhere to HACCP food safety standards, ensuring their safety for consumption. The production of Unagi Kabayaki takes place under hygienic conditions and undergoes strict quality control by our team of experts. This guarantees that our processed food meets all requirements and utilizes the latest technology.

We provide added value to eel products by producing integrated Unagi Kabayaki. In this process, we prioritize sustainability or survival, by maintaining the balance of the ecosystem, without exploiting and destroying the ecology.

We fulfill the protein needs of local and international communities by offering high-quality Unagi Kabayaki products. The glass eels we cultivate are caught using conventional methods that do not harm the environment. Moreover, we nurture and raise the glass eels by providing with food and monitoring the health under the supervision of a dedicated veterinarian stationed at the aquaculture ponds. The harvested eels are delivered fresh to our factory and processed immediately into the final product, to ensure its freshness.