Santori Beef

We present a special taste with our beef products from PT Santosa Agrindo, a subsidiary of JAPFA. Various products made from the best quality beef make Santori Beef products one of our premium products. Our beef meatballs, sliced ​​beef and steaks are an experience you can't miss.

With a firm and crunchy texture, our products provide an alluring sensation in every bite. Our premium beef and beef meatballs are the result of selection of selected beef offered at affordable prices, making it easy to process into delicious dishes.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with strict halal procedures. We ensure that the beef we use comes from animals raised with special handling, so the quality of the meat is maintained.

Savor the delicacy of our premium beef products and experience unmatched quality in every serving. Make your dishes more special with high quality and nutritious meat for healthy Indonesian families.